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History of origin

Spring 2019

Like many good ideas in Wengen, it started at the regulars' table.

We decide to make something out of the many ideas.

Spring 2019

We come together one more time and now decide to meet regularly.


Spring Summer


Thanks to the regular meetings, we also have more concrete ideas about ourselves and our community.


Summer 2019

We start to specifically write down our ideas and conceptions and the number of participants increases from 4 to 14 people.


Fall 2019

On September 18, 2019, we will write our first minutes and have already invited the first guests, former municipal presidents and councilors. They give us valuable tips for the future and how to proceed.


Fall 2019

We decide not to found an association but to start with an interest group (IG). We unanimously give ourselves the name IG1268.

We are now 14 members.


Fall 2019

The session density is increasing.

We decide that we introduce ourselves to the population and a date will be set, namely January 6th, 2020.


Autumn winter


The preparations for the performance in the Wengen cinema are in full swing. In addition, our other projects and work are in full swing.

We are now 12 members by then.


January 06, 2020


We officially introduce ourselves in the Wengen cinema.

Spring 2020

From now on the big work begins.


Spring 2020 to today

IG1268 Wengen is known in the valley, we are creating a website asking the population about possible topics and starting various projects.

1268 Logo.png
Guiding principle

The community of interests puts community welfare and the needs and concerns of the residents of the Wengen district in the foreground.


To bring Wengen back to the fore politically and to develop or support future visions.


We take up topics and try to find solutions with our community and also implement them.

IG 1268 tries to achieve its goals with all possible political and legal measures.


Der Name IG1268

How did we come up with the name IG1268? And what does it mean?

Now the name IG1268 was created in autumn 2019 when we had a meeting. We wanted something that would make you think and even wonder about the name of the IG1268.

The explanation of the name IG1268:

IG stands for community of interests.

1268 stands for the year in which the village of Wengen is written down for the first time in the history books.

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